As your teen gets older it's probably going to be a little scary to you to let them date. Don't forget that they NEED to date so that they'll eventually find someone they can marry. Developing good dating skills leads to good marriage skills.

Before your teen goes on their first date, be sure they have a good knowledge of what to expect and what their standards should be. Here's a list of what your teen should know ahead of time:


  • Always open the door for all girls, all the time

  • Be respectful, don't use words that would repel others and the spirit

  • Expect to meet your date's parents the first night you pick her up, ask them when she should be home, let the parents know exactly what you'll be doing


  • Don't seem too pushy

  • Never say no to the first date (unless you have a really good reason); it takes guys a lot of guts to ask a girl out on a formal date, it's okay to say no to a second date if you didn't feel good on the first

  • After a few dates, ask to meet the guy's parents

To get the date:


  • When you find someone you want to ask out, try not to be shy, your date will love it if you seem confident and polite

  • If they aren't available for the night you've asked them out, ask if you can call her next week to see if you can plan a date

  • Before steady dating someone, it's usually good to become friends first—it will build you a strong foundation and sense of respect towards each other

  • Always try to find a group or double date, it will make the date a lot more fun while you're getting to know each other, if you can't find a double date for that night, ask your date to dinner with your family, or ask if her family would like to go out


  • Especially while in high school try not to date the same person the whole time; go on dates to date, have fun, and make new friends

  • To meet guys, try joining a club you're interested in or go to a youth group through your church—then you will meet guys with a common interest and/or common standards

  • YOU can ask a guy on a date

  • Never just "settle" for someone. If your date isn't treating you right, let them know nicely that that's not how they should act, and that you don't want a second date

  • Be polite, and respectful and let your date open your doors

To all parties

When you date remember to always uphold your standards as well as respect your date's standards. Your standards might not always be the same. If your date seems to be pushing yours, remind them what your standards are and ask them to respect you. Talk to your parents and friends about your dates, nothing should happen on your date that you can't tell them. If something does happen that shouldn't, tell your parents! If you feel that you can't, talk to your school counselor, or friend.


help keep your teen safe on dates by knowing where they'll be and what they're going to be doing. Make sure they're on a group date, or that they'll have adult supervision. Let them know that you trust them, but don't know their dates and you want them to uphold all of their standards. Tell them that no matter where they are, they can call you to come pick them up if they get uncomfortable. It's important to let them know you love them and will always be there for them.

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