Being sick is not fun at all. But you can bring joy to someone who is ill. Here are some kits your family can put together to help those who are sick.

Sick kits can be put in cute baskets. We like to search thrift stores for funky unique baskets. Plain brown grocery sacks decorated with pictures drawn by your child and tied with bright colored yarn also make beautiful kit containers.

Don't forget to include a card. Writing, folding and coloring cards can be a fun activity for rainy days. Make stacks of generic get well cards with your children. Original art by a child is always the most beautiful.

General illness. This kit is for someone who has an illness and is at home. Someone who needs a little cheering up.

  • Chicken noodle soup

  • Warm fuzzy socks

  • A puzzle book or picture book for small kids (My kids pick one of their own to give)

  • Lip balm

  • Throat lozenges or candies to suck on

  • Sports drink, or clear soda

  • For a child, a small stuffed animal or toy

  • Crayons or pencils

  • Coloring book, or notebook

  • Applesauce

  • Crackers

  • Tissues

  • For an adult, a small fleece blanket or movie

Hospital kit. This kit will help ease a loved one's hospital stay

  • Warm fuzzy socks

  • Small blanket or warm robe

  • Knit hat (It can get cold in a hospital room)

  • Stuffed animal for a child

  • A movie

  • Tissues

  • For a child, crayons and a coloring book

  • A pen and a journal

  • Picture books for small children

  • Pictures of family members

  • Small candies (Sugar free for diabetics)

  • A decorated pillow case (You can have your kids paint it or put their handprints on it)

  • Lip balm

  • Crackers

  • Hand or face wipes

  • Gum

Neighbor illness for a mom or dad. This kit is for parents who are sick - a little help to get them back on their feet

  • A crock pot dinner for the family

  • Tissues

  • A movie for the adults and one for the kids

  • Lip balm

  • Small candies

  • A sports drink or clear soda

  • Crackers

  • Your phone numbers so they can call if they need you

Cold or Flu. This is a kit to give comfort to someone with a cold or the flu.

  • A mug

  • Lemon herbal tea

  • Honey for the tea

  • Tissues

  • Menthol rub

  • Fuzzy socks

  • Lip balm

  • Throat lozenges or small hard candies

  • A warm lap blanket

  • A movie or book

Home sick kit. This is a great kit to have on hand for the winter months when a child gets sick and stays home from school.

  • Crayons and small coloring book

  • Throat lozenges or small hard candies

  • Popsicles

  • Warm fuzzy socks and a blanket

  • Menthol rub (This can be rubbed on the bottom of your feet and covered with socks to help stop coughing)

  • Tissues, small packages kids can keep in their pockets

  • An emergency teddy bear

  • Puzzles, or other small games

Make a few kits and keep them on hand for friends and family in need. When your children help you build and deliver kits, they learn to serve others. Teach your children the importance of caring for friends and family in need.

No matter the illness, or the kit, your love is what is most needed. Spread your love, and your time this winter by putting together a small kit to help someone who is sick.

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