Do you feel distant from God? Are you afraid your relationship with Him is broken, irreparable?

I am here to give you some shocking news. You can't fix it. Not because it is unfixable, but because you can't fix something that isn't broken.

You see, God isn't like us. He doesn't get offended. He doesn't withhold forgiveness. And He doesn't leave. He is here, always, waiting with His arms outstretched. Wanting us to come back to Him.

So, if God is always there, then how can we feel a relationship we believe is broken on our end? Maybe you haven't prayed in a long time, and you're afraid to start. Maybe you are afraid He won't answer-or that He will. Maybe shame is keeping you from Him. Or maybe doubt or fear. Or maybe you've been distracted by life or have simply felt you didn't need Him.

There are hundreds of reasons why we feel our relationship with God isn't what it should be.

But there are 4 things we can do to fix it, starting right now.


I know. It sounds too simple. But it works. Relationships are strengthened by communication and shared experiences. So communicate with Him. Tell Him about yourself and your life. He is real, and He will hear you. Apologize for the things you feel you need to. He will forgive you. That's what He does. Thank Him for everything good in your life and the bad things, too. The good things are from Him. The bad things bring us to Him. Both are blessings. But most of all, just talk to Him. It doesn't have to be formal or out loud. Talk to Him in a way you are comfortable He will hear you, and you will feel closer to Him.

Actively Listen

I was in a training recently where I did an activity with a co-worker. She was to tell me about her day, and I was to listen without responding. No verbal or nonverbal response. Just sit. She shared the saddest story about her day. It was so difficult to listen and not respond. Afterwards, when asked how she felt about my listening skills, she said she felt sad like she had been talking to herself. She didn't feel anything from me because I didn't seem like I was actively listening. She was even a bit hurt.

God is trying to talk to us every day. He has things to tell us, new to share, counsel to give and love to show. When we stop and actively listen to Him, we not only show we care about what He has to say, but we care about Him. We listen by being still, reading the scriptures, or even listening to uplifting music. God speaks in a language we can understand. If you listen, you will hear Him and feel closer to Him again.

Believe Him

Trust is a vital part of any relationship. You've seen those trust-falls, where a person closes his eyes and falls backwards into the arms of a waiting partner. So it is with God. We can't see Him, but we choose to believe He is there. When we trust Him, we can turn our weaknesses over to Him and be made strong. We can follow His path for us, not our own. We can let go of fear, anger, shame, guilt, sadness and so much more. Believe Him when He says He loves you. Believe Him when He calls on you to do hard things. Believe Him and fall into His arms. He will catch you, and you will feel closer to Him.

Tell Him you love Him

Love is powerful and real. It is a feeling, and also a choice. John said we love God because He first loved us. Yes, we love Him. You love Him. So tell Him. Say it out loud. Say it in your heart. Write it down. Tell God you love Him. He will hear it. He will believe it. And you will feel closer to Him.

If you feel your relationship with God needs repair, try these four things. They work. God is there, waiting to hear from you and talk to you. He is waiting for you to believe in Him and believe Him. He already loves you and is waiting so patiently to be loved by you.

He misses you. He loves you. He needs you. And you need Him.

So, pray, listen, believe and love. And your relationship with God can be stronger than ever - starting right now.

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