Dads may not like to show much emotion, but they love their kids just as much as moms. If you want to show your dad how much you love him, here are a few tips:

Ask him anything

Dads love to be needed and to be seen as wise or important. Asking your dad anything (about the weather, his job, how to tie a knot, whatever) will validate him and demonstrate your respect for him.

Remember his birthday

Dads go throughout their lives either assiduously remembering special dates or being mocked for not doing so. What goes unsaid is how often dads' special days go unremembered. Make a point to remember his birthday.

Remember your mom's birthday

When you remember your mom's birthday, too, you show love and appreciation for your dad.

Make the time

Your dad is busy. So are you. When your dad wants to make time for you, do your best to accommodate his schedule. Don't forget, most of us will spend the last 20 to 30 years without our fathers around. Make use of the time you have with him.

Respect tradition

Whenever you repeat family traditions that your father taught you, you show your dad you appreciate what he did to raise and care for you. Whether this is a Sunday dinner, summer vacation or holiday tradition, carry on the good things your dad did for you.

Forgive him

Most people can point to something their fathers did wrong. That doesn't make your dad a bad guy; it makes him human. Get over it. Forgive him. Remember that you've done plenty for which you need to be forgiven, too.

Call him

Once in a while, call your dad out of the blue just to talk. The older you are, the more this will be appreciated.

Continue old pastimes

If you and your dad went fishing, golfing or played tennis together when you were younger, do it again. Make a point to get together regularly to have fun together.

Care for him

As your dad gets older, he will likely need more help from you. Be prepared to care for him, to help him around the house, to do whatever needs to be done that he can't do.

Share with him

Be sure to share with your dad what's going on in your life. Whether you tell him or not, he'll be worried about you. Give him the facts so he'll worry less.

Get along

Work not only to get along well with your dad, but also try to get along well with your mom and your siblings. Dads like to see everyone happy. You may not get to choose your relatives, but you can choose to be kind to them.

Say it

You may be surprised to learn this, but dads would like to hear, "I love you, Dad." If you're lucky, you may even get a similar response.

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