Those nine long months of pregnancy are enough to try even the most tolerant woman's patience. In case you've never been pregnant, let me paint the picture for you: You're exhausted most of the time, but you can't sleep at night, you have wretched acid reflux that makes you want to vomit every time you lie down, your lower extremities are swelling along with your gargantuan belly, and at the end of all this, you have an unspecified amount of extreme pain in which to look forward.

Being pregnant is no cake walk and these courageous ladies deserve every bit of pampering they get. Want to know how to spoil the pregnant woman in your life? Here are a few tried and true ideas.

Help her feel attractive

. The first thing you should know about a pregnant woman is she is often very insecure about her body image. She's gained weight in amounts and places she's never had before, her belly has outgrown all of her favorite shirts, and she may or may not be able to reach her toenails to paint them anymore. So what can you do? Reinforce how beautiful and glowing she looks with compliments. Take her shopping for new, flattering maternity clothes, and if the occasion calls for it, you may choose to paint her toenails for her. It's a mark of affection she won't soon forget.

Let her take a load off her poor swollen, aching feet

. The house will need cleaning no matter how exhausted, or nauseous she feels. Do her a favor and let her sit back and rest while you do some dishes, tidy the house, or amuse the older children.

Massage, massage, massage

A pregnant woman is more prone to lower back pain as she gains weight and her center of gravity shifts. Her feet will get sore and swell if she has to spend much time standing up. One of the most wonderful acts of service you can do is give her a nice long massage.

Give her a night out

With a new little one on the way, her free nights are soon going to be few and far between. The tradeoff is definitely worth it, but the lack of personal time will be hard to adjust, especially if this is her first child. You can help her make good use of the time she has left by giving her a night out, either by babysitting for her or by taking her out yourself. Just make sure the night's activities are pregnant woman appropriate.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of a woman's life, but it comes with its own set of trials and challenges. Make sure the pregnant women in your life get a little spoiled now and then before their new little one is born.

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