It's the end of a long day, and you're utterly exhausted. Your tasks seem endless: sticky kitchen counters, helping kids with homework, piles of laundry and dishes, bills to be paid, work to attend to. In the lengthy list of mundane tasks, your relationship with your spouse sinks to the bottom.

But for a happy and successful family, your relationship with your companion is at the hub. So much hinges on the nourishment you provide your marriage. You don't need a pricey Caribbean cruise to maintain the romance. Connect emotionally and physically with your spouse in simple ways.

Get away

Of course, alone time with your sweetheart tops the list. Meet for lunch, plan a Friday night date or escape for the weekend. Enlist the help of family or a trusted friend. Offer to trade the favor with other romance starved parents. It takes work and planning, but time without your kids is healthy for everyone - you, your spouse, and the kids.

Enjoy each other with the kids in tow

Take advantage of your afternoon at the park. Sure, your kids beg for your attention, but snatch moments to connect with your spouse. Hold hands in the car. Rub each other's shoulders during family movie night. Your time may not be private, but at least you're together. Your demonstrations of affection for each other will also strengthen your kids' security.

Make yourself attractive

You may feel like living in sweats, but make an effort to look nice for your companion. He or she will appreciate it.

Buy a treat

If you don't have time to bake, grab your spouse's favorite treat at the store.

Text each other

At random moments of the day, text your sweetheart. In a quick, flirty text, you can be romantic and put a smile on his or her face. Your spontaneity will both strengthen your marriage and make it fun.

Designate "Mom and Dad time"

If your children can be left alone for 15 minutes without killing themselves, take advantage. Let your kids know that you have to talk, then close the door. Your kids will learn that they don't run the show, and you and your spouse will be able to snatch a few minutes alone.

Speak in code

A raised eyebrow or meaningful phrase can speak volumes when listening ears are nearby. Show affection to your better half via your secret language.

Step in to help

If it's your spouse's night for dish duty or bedtime stories, take over. Give your sweetheart a break by lending a hand. Your sweet gestures are romantic; your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

Be flexible

With kids, you never know what the next day will bring. If your Friday night plans derail due to a sick baby, reschedule. Date nights are sacred, so keep trying.

Even when you think you lack the energy, keep your spouse at the top of your list. Your marriage trumps the daily tasks that keep you running. Nourish your relationship to maintain a healthy marriage. For more marriage tips, click here.

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