It takes a certain woman to become a mother - or so they say. But even you mothers who feel unprepared or inadequate have everything required to be the mother your children need. Somewhere along the way, you grow into motherhood naturally.

When you talk with other mothers, you connect instantly with their experiences that resonate with yours. You feel no shame with some of the things you do. Like sign up your kids for a sport they don't like (it builds character). Or call them out for lying to you (they should know by now that you always know when they're lying).

What other things do you do that make you a mother? If you've done some of the things listed below, you're most definitely a mother, and you're proud of it.

1. You help with homework you didn't understand as a kid

But somehow you're always the one finding "x" and not them.

2. You're a bipolar cleaner

Your urge to clean things rises in correlation with how messy a room is. But on other days, you have absolutely no desire whatsoever to clean the mess your kids made.

3. You plan extravagant birthday parties and trips, only to have your kids forget they even happened.

If only they knew the effort you put into their first birthday.

4. You fold clothes while watching some good ol' HGTV

Because you have to get in all the "Fixer Upper" that you can before it leaves TV. Also because "Property Brothers" is your jam.

5. You say you won't baby your youngest...

And then you buy them a smartphone three years earlier than their older siblings. And a car.

6. Going to the grocery store alone is a mini-vacation

No in-store tantrums? Pure bliss.

7. Because family vacations aren't the vacation they once were

You thought all those parents with the children on leashes were crazy. And then you went to Disneyland.

8. Some days it feels like you spend more time in your car than in your home

Why, why, why does soccer practice have to be in the opposite direction from the gymnastics studio?

9. You have an innate talent for finding your kid's favorite toy when it's lost

It's like a mother's sixth sense.

10. And an uncanny ability to lose things that shouldn't be found

The loudest and most annoying toys are somehow always the first to disappear...

11. You've been done with excuses for a while now

"You don't like your food? Oh, I'm sorry."

12. You treasure time in the bathroom like never before

Until a little someone always wanders in.

13. You give your kids responsibility, only to question whether you should take it back again.

But what if they don't separate the lights and the darks?

14. You read the three same books and watch the three same movies over and over and over again.

If you hear, "Let it Go," one more time...

15. You take significantly less pictures and videos of your youngest child than you did your eldest.

"Here's my oldest at 3 months, 1 day. Here she is, 3 months 1 day at lunchtime...Oh and here is my youngest on his sixth birthday. Here he is on his 12th birthday."

16. You're proud to be the mean parent

When, "They'll thank me later," crosses your mind a little more frequently than you ever thought it would.

17. You make traditions for your kids to remember, but then they become some of your favorite memories.

Admit it; making Christmas cookies and going trick-or-treating isn't just for them.

18. You finally get why your mom wanted you to eat your vegetables and take vitamins

She wanted what you want, for her kids to be healthy, safe and strong.

19. You dream of sleeping through the night without someone waking you up

Until your kids grow up, and part of you wishes that they would wake you up again.

20. You tell your kids they are beautiful

And you mean it.

You know what it feels like to be a mom. You know how it feels to comfort your children when they're sad. To take care of them when they're sick. To walk with them as they discover the world.

Being a mother may be your greatest challenge, but it's also your greatest joy.

One mom who isn't ashamed of all the things that come with motherhood is Isabel Pullman, a character from the upcoming film "Wonder" and played by Julia Roberts. Isabel is a strong mother figure whose mission is to guide her son through his challenges. You can catch the heartwarming story in the new movie, coming to theaters November 17. Not going to lie, the book is an amazing read, and the movie looks just as good, if not even better (watch the trailer here and get tickets to see the film here).

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