Oh, pregnancy. It's such a glorious, nausea-filled time. Some things never change; and this is true with pregnancy symptoms. Whether you're on pregnancy number one or five, you're bound to feel the hormones affecting almost everything you do.

But I'm here to let you in on a secret: Your other offspring do not (I repeat, DO NOT) care about your pregnancy symptoms.

You will be nauseated and vomiting, and you will not do so in peace

As you're hovering over the golden throne, puking, someone will want you to open a snack. Someone will ask for a friend to come over. A toddler will come in, mid-barf, and demand to use the potty you're vomiting into, to go pee-pee. Because apparently none of the other potties in the house are sufficient at the time.

Fatigue will hit epic proportions ... but you've still got responsibilities

You will be fatigued just like you were in previous pregnancies. But then just multiply that fatigue by the number of little ones you have walking around, and however many years older you are since the last one. I'm at five times the fatigue I had in my previous pregnancies (and that's on a good day).

People will say, "Just get to bed earlier." But why would you do that, when you'd much rather stay up making a Walmart run because someone just remembered they have a project due tomorrow? Or you might think, "Yeah, I could go to sleep earlier, but taking my first shower in four days is also pretty tempting."

Emotions will roll right in ..

... as soon as you pee on a stick! Hello mood swings.

You'll cry at a "Doc McStuffins" episode, or that Pampers commercial they keep playing on Nick Jr.

You'll be annoyed that the kids have said "Mom" 4,629 times, and it'll drive you crazy; but then you'll cry because you'll realize they need you and they're growing so quick, and pretty soon they won't need you anymore, and all you'll want them to do is say "Mom."

You will cry because your husband is two minutes late getting home from work, because that's two extra minutes you're stuck wingin' parenting and pregnancy by yourself. You'll have a meltdown because your oldest is 12 and your youngest 2, and, weeping, you'll say, "What happened to my babies?"

You'll have to pee every five minutes; and you'll always have company

YOU WILL NOT PEE ALONE. No matter how many times you enter your second home (the bathroom), little people will appear within seconds. They'll likely need you to read a book, refill a water cup or ask you if their head is shaped weird.

Some days you'll question your thought process behind having another minion, or think you're crazy for doing this all over again. But don't listen to those thoughts; it's just the hormones, mood swings and emotions getting to you.

When this happens, eating a cupcake helps. You are a rock star, momma. You will survive this pregnancy, just like the ones before. You just have about 83 new hurdles to jump before you get to the finish line (your due date). And when that day comes, you'll look at your life and all your littles and think, "It was all worth it!"

Editor's note: This story was originally published on The Not So Normal Mommy. It has been republished here with permission.

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