There are moments in our lives when we are so overwhelmed we feel like shutting down. The world is crumbling around us and life is too difficult to handle. Moments when we want to lose it, hide, curl up or just cry. We have all had moments when it seems that nothing, and no one, can help us, moments when we are utterly, and literally, exhausted. These are the moments when we should give up.

That's right, give up. When you've hit your wall and there's no escape, take all your pain, all your sorrow, all the "I can't," the "help me," and the "it's too much" moments and give them up to Christ. After all, he's already volunteered to take them for you.

When Christ suffered in Gethsemane, it was not only for our sins, it was for our sorrows, our pain and everything we go through. He was utterly forsaken by his father on the cross, rejected by his people and beaten and spit upon. He felt every sorrow, every pain, every suffering any of us have ever had. There is nothing on this earth you will experience that he has not. So why carry all your sorrow alone? Why carry it at all? Give it up to the Savior, he will carry your pain, and you as well.

You might ask, but, how can I do this? My pain is so raw, so real. I've lost a husband, a mother, a child, a limb, a life, a home. I've been hurt, abused, shamed or violated. How can I give this up? Why should I give this up? What if I'm not worthy of his love?

First of all, everyone is worthy of God's grace

. There is not one person on this earth he would not help, if given the opportunity. The grace of God is not earned. It is free to every one of his children. Open yourself up, and give your pain to him. When Christ was on the earth, he spent most of his time healing those who were sick, blind, lame or suffering because of their sins. All he asked them for was their faith, he asked them to love their neighbors, and to go and sin no more. This is all he asks of us.

How can you let go

? This may be the hardest part. When we let go of our fears, doubts, anger or anxiety we may feel like we've lost all control. But that is the point, isn't it? Release your fear of losing someone you love, let it go. Have faith in the Lord's plan, it's a good one! Grief and mourning are good, and healthy, but let go of the prolonged pain and anger you may be hanging on to. Find a quiet spot and plead with the Lord, let him know all of your fears, everything your feeling. Ask for help, plead for peace. It's yours for the asking, all he wants in return is your faith.

Why should you give up

? You cannot carry all of your life's pain, grief, anger, anxiety and sorrow alone. You were not designed to physically do this. And why would you want to live in utter misery and pass that misery onto your children? Your family is very sensitive to your feelings, whether they say so or not. Shouldering all that pain has a profound effect on the spirit and atmosphere in your home. You will never be truly happy in this life, or the next, without developing the faith in Christ needed to let go of all your worries and let him bring you peace.

Ask yourself how hanging on to pain and anger benefits you?

By continuing to be angry and blame others for your troubles, you may be avoiding looking long and hard at yourself. Are there changes you need to make? Let go of your anger towards others. Forgive yourself as the Savior forgives you. Release the anger and reserve that energy for positive changes.

How do I grow closer to the Savior, and accept his grace

? How did you get to know your spouse or your best friend? You spend time together immersed in his or her company. Invite Christ into your life. Pray, read about him and talk with him. He is waiting for you to invite him in. You will feel his great love for you.

The love of God is so powerful, his grace so profound, he can envelop us in his peace and bring joy to our lives, if we let him in. This requires us to let go of our pain, our weaknesses and our plans. His plan, his peace and his love are greater than any we could possibly find on earth. Give it up and give it to him.

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