All new parents will attest to how adorable their new babies are. Sure, parents may be biased in thinking their own offspring are cute, but what about all things little?

Puppies, kittens and other babies all elicit an, "Awww!" But why? Is there a science behind the allure of babies in general?

According to this video from AsapSCIENCE, the trait of thinking babies are cute may be limited to humans only. It may even contribute to infant survival! Researchers assert that "cuteness" merits care and protection. It boils down to what they call "Baby Schema" - a set of traits that makes something cute:

  • Large head size relative to the rest of the body

  • Large eyes

  • Chubby cheeks

  • A round body

  • Soft to touch

This is not only limited to human babies, but also to animals. Even designing cars to look more "baby-like" makes them more desirable. Interesting, right?

Some may even argue that anything miniature is adorable - doll house furniture, baby shoes and clothing, etc. But maybe that's just because these things make us think of adorable babies!

Being a mom is not easy, and sometimes it may even seem like our children's "cuteness" is the only thing keeping them alive! - All in good humor (no hate mail please). If you're a new mom or soon-to-be mother, read these tips from one seasoned mom - "Having a baby and terrified: 6 ways NOT to care for a newborn."

This woman's personal experiences - her ode to the new mom - is a great read for any mother. Regardless of how cute our little bundles of joy are, we all need a little sympathy or, at best, a laugh at ourselves sometimes.

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