FILE - In this Feb. 10, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. boards a plane with his family and staff to leave Manchester, N.H. With him is daughter Amanda Rubio, 15, left, and sons Anthony Rubio, 10, and Dominick Rubio, 8. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Republican Party presidential hopeful Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had an embarrassing week, and that may only continue next week.

That's because people in Rubio's home state of Florida will vote in a primary election for who they believe should be president. One recent poll from CNN/ORC found that Rubio trails Donald Trump 24 percent to 40 percent, according to Politico. Other polls show that Trump beats 45 percent to 22 percent and 42 percent to 20 percent.

But, of course, more recent polls show Rubio's deficit may be shrinking. A Washington Post-Univision News poll found Trump only leads Rubio by 7 percentage points.

Why all the trouble for Rubio? Some political pundits and even some Rubio supporters said Rubio - often thought to be the Republican Party's "establishment" candidate and clear choice for the presidential nominee - fell in the eyes of Floridians and Americans when he started attacking Trump with the real estate's own medicine: dirty tactics and insults, according to CNN.

This started about two weeks ago when the 44-year-old senator said Trump's hand size was a reflection of his character, alluding to the idea that Trump's manhood may also be small. Furthermore, Rubio called Trump a "con artist," CNN reported.

These comments apparently hurt him.

"I don't think he needed to get down, deep and dirty," Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Rubio supporter, told CNN. "I think he knows that was a mistake. It was against his personality, and I think that hurt him a little bit."

But it wasn't just the politicians and pundits who felt this way. Rubio told audience members in a MSNBC town hall meeting in Florida Wednesday night that his children were even embarrassed by his dirty comments, according to New Republic.

"My kids were embarrassed by it, and if I had to do it again I wouldn't," he said.

It's not surprising Rubio's children felt embarrassed. Young children often are embarrassed by their parents for a number of reasons. A survey done last year found that children are most often embarrassed when their parents dance in public, when their parents show public displays of affection or when they use youth slang, The Telegraph reported.

Children also feel embarrassed when their parents wear clothes that aren't age appropriate, tell cringeworthy stories (likely the case with Rubio and his kids) and join social media and befriend their youngsters, The Telegraph reported.

We may not have seen Rubio's children express their embarrassment when he made comments against Trump, but there are other instances when children have shown how embarrassed they are by their parents. Here are 10 times children were embarrassed by something their parents did.

The Obama daughters can't handle the dad jokes

For Thanksgiving last year, President Barack Obama, like always, offered his pardon for Tom the Turkey. He followed this up with some fun dad jokes, which the Obama daughters, Sasha and Malia, laughed at, though it seemed less than genuine. There may be an eyeball or two.

Reese Witherspoon's children are always embarrassed

Witherspoon went on "Ellen" back in December 2014 and told audience members that her children often feel embarrassed by her. She said her 11-year-old son called the lipstick on her coffee cup "embarrassing."

The night before embarrassment

This mom's daughter told her there was no way she could embarrass her, so the mother took this challenge to heart. She went to her daughter's school dressed up in a zombie costume with her cousin, a friend and another daughter to see if it would work.

Here are the results.

Dad's sweater can cause some problems

Your first day at school can be pretty embarrassing. Watch this child freak out because he believes his dad's sweater isn't cool enough for his teachers and friends.

Reporting for failing

These boys got very bad report cards, so their dad gave them embarrassing haircuts and made them show their report cards to all of YouTube.

What a prank

This video will put you in your feelings.This mom approaches her son with a wrapped package presumably from Amazon and asks her son why he ordered something off the TV or Internet. It looks like he's in trouble.

Turns out, it's a sweet and satisfying prank for both.

Guess it's the wrong 'package'

For this Chicago Bears family, jokes about the rival Green Bay Packers will never be the same again.

Never 'Let It Go'

Want to prank your child who's waiting at the movie theater with some friends? Try this method.

Dad with the dance moves

So we know kids get easily embarrassed when their dads spend some time dancing in public, and this dad is straight clowning.

BONUS: The ultimate dad dance move

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have embarrassed his family with these dad dance moves next to Jimmy Fallon.

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