"You look radiant! Positively glowing," these are common words pregnant women hear during the nine months of their pregnancy. Although most of us feel like a giant white whale near the end of our pregnancy, it is a beautiful time. I remember my husband telling me, one very hot day as I was swollen and uncomfortable that I had never looked more beautiful to him than I did at that moment. Pregnancy is a beautiful time. It is a precious gift, and an amazing experience as you feel life growing inside of your body. This is why so many women want to document their pregnancies with maternity photos. While it is true that you are radiant and glowing, it is still helpful to know exactly how to flatter that beautiful new body of yours and to get pictures that you will be proud to keep.

I have chosen five of my favorite recent maternity photos. These were selected by two of my favorite photographers. The first were taken by Mallory Christensen, from Mallory Hurst Photography. The models are Sidnee and Stephen Murray. This beautiful girl is carrying twins, although you would never be able to tell.

A few of the most flattering poses are demonstrated in this photographer's work.

It is always a great idea to include your spouse in the pictures, his belly may not be growing, but his babies are. A side shot of the belly is a great way to flatter your figure and still show off your beautiful belly. Include your spouse in the photo to show the real excitement and love you have for the pregnancy, the baby, and each other

Another way to show off your beautiful belly is to feature just the belly in the picture. I love this next collage by Mallory Hurst Photography that features the mother, then centers on the beautiful belly, itself. The framing of the belly with the necklace, great colors, and a knit shirt that will show off the roundness of the belly is a perfect combination. Be sure to wear clothes that will flatter your pregnancy, not just look like you have put on some weight. This outfit worn by Sidnee is a perfect combination for a flattering picture.

The next few photographs are from another one of my favorite photographers. Callie Mae Photography does a fantastic job. In fact, these pictures are of the beautiful Callie Mae herself.

These are maternity photos, so make sure your poses are always directed toward that gorgeous blessing. I love these photographs because they are simple, yet they show all the joy this mother is feeling toward that precious life growing inside of her. She turns to the side, and frames her belly with her hands. I love the look and the smile she gives her belly as though she already knows that sweet baby.

Don't be afraid to show your beauty off. These pictures are for you, and of you. It is also a time to document your life, not just your baby. Don't be afraid to show off just how great you look, too.

Get your hair and makeup done. Have a friend do it, or pamper yourself and go to a salon. After all of these months of carrying that beautiful child, you deserve some pampering at the salon. Pick out a few different outfits for the photo shoot, try them on before you go.

Overall, the best way to make your photos turn out great is to feel great. The better you feel, the better the pictures will look. Remember to have fun. After all, this pregnancy will only happen once.

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