If you're a mom of more than two kids, you may have been met with some opposition when you announced subsequent pregnancies. Funny, it's not anyone else's business. It's between you and your spouse, yet people still think it's OK to express their opinions on your family size.

That's what happened to Chad and Andrea Chapman when they announced the impending arrival of their fourth child. With their first pregnancy - twin girls - and their second pregnancy, a boy, friends and family were happy for them.

"Nobody was excited. I think we went past what everyone's idea for our family was," Andrea stated in an article. "For some reason, four is like this odd number in our culture today, and it's not celebrated the same way."

They responded like completely cool parents do -with a parody. "We Can't Stop...Having Babies." The video displays typical antics that families with young children experience - messes, chaos and lots of fun. The best part, it sends a clear message to the judgmental crowd: Our family size is our decision and our business. Not yours.

A couple of great lines from the parody include:

"Can't you see it's we who'll be up all night? Can't you see it's we who love this life?"

"It's my body, I can grow who I want to."

The parody blends humor, attitude and their hard-hitting message of freedom to procreate.

Many people, family, friends and strangers, think it's OK to make comments about or pass judgments on families with multiple children. Unless it's kind, it's probably best to keep it to yourself. Read these sarcastic responses to strangers' intrusive comments to moms with multiple children.

Besides family size being a personal decision to make with your spouse, read these "10 benefits from growing up in a large family."

On the flip-side, it's also your choice if you only want one or two kids, or none at all. Just try to make your own choices while respecting the decisions of others.

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