How is it that moms can decode a baby's cry, know what's happening in a different room and sniff out a lie in no time? It's simple: Moms are basically superheroes.

In all seriousness, moms are great at what they do. So, what happens when dads who aren't normally submerged in parenting as deeply as mothers take over?

This depiction by Skit Guys is a humorous look at a couple of dads who take over their wives' responsibilities while they go for a girls' weekend. The dads reassure their wives they can handle it, "We're men. Besides, I bumped into Chuck Norris at a Pizza Hut once; I think his powers rubbed off on me."

Immediately after the women leave, the men are filled with self-doubt - remembering a previous parenting crusade. Knowing they need help, they do an Internet search for "Secrets of Motherhood" and stumble onto "Daddy Doomsday Survival." They site has many tools for dads including "Mom Goggles," which they order.

The package arrives about one second after they hit "buy." "Warning: Use of this product may alter your perception of reality?" They pop on their goggles and don't notice any difference...until the baby starts talking to them. To test, they pull off the goggles and all they hear is crying. Put them back on, and they hear words and know exactly what the baby wants. From seeing an art masterpiece to seeing situations more dangerous or messier than they are, the "Mom Goggles" do, indeed, alter their perceptions - even inducing tears while reading a bedtime story.

While the skit is hilarious, it takes a serious turn when the dads start talking about mothers. "I think God gave moms a special way of looking at things." On the phone, one dad tells his wife how much he appreciates what she does and how important she is to their family.

Moms are a special and vital part of families. The roles of fathers and mothers compliment each other, and both are important. Women and men possess different qualities to nurture and raise children.

Though there aren't truly "Mom Goggles" - even moms wish we had those - we can learn to understand what our children need through our intuition. As moms love, protect, guide, uplift and care for the needs of children, kids feel safe and confident in who they are. Nothing is more important that being a parent.

Parenting is not easy. Read this article on how to be a good one: "12 ways to be the meanest mom in the world." Of course, we know there are many women—with or without children—who are mothers to others. Motherhood is not exclusive to those who have birthed a child. Read "Who is a mother?"

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