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When Ellis Cochlin posted a video to her TikTok admitting that she had left her 10-month-old daughter in economy with her boyfriend during an 11-hour flight, many viewers had split opinions. When Ellis shared that she needed this baby-free flight, many people questioned her moral compass. Ellis slipped away to business class for the 11-hour flight from Paris to Los Angeles while her boyfriend, Rob, stayed back with her daughter in economy. Feeling guilty, Ellis captioned her video, “Am I horrible for leaving them both in economy?” She asked her 22,000 followers, “It was my only opportunity to have a baby-free flight, and I took it. What would you do?”

@ellcochlin Am I horrible for leaving them both in economy?😭It was my only opportunity to have a baby free flight and I took it, what would you do? #flying #businessclass #longhaul #traveltiktok #luxurytravel ♬ original sound - A

In the video, Ellis said, “The thought of having a baby-free flight was like music to my ears. I love that girl with my whole heart, but let me tell you, flying long haul on your own with a baby is not easy.” Many TikTok users had mixed opinions on the matter. One user commented saying, “You’ve spent SO MUCH time baby handling solo, I feel you definitely earned this!”  Another person responded saying, “A bit strange but [to each their] own.” A separate commenter added, “Don’t feel guilty!!!!!! Us mamas just want to breathe alone sometimes.” Ellis explained that she felt as if she was treating herself because it was the first time she wasn't traveling alone with her daughter, Prim. She admitted: “I’ve never flown with anybody else. It’s only just been me and Prim. So the thought of having help on this flight was amazing.”

The mother also explained that the airline initially wanted to charge her thousands of dollars for Prim to have her own seat despite the fact that as a baby, she can fly for free in economy. Ellis also added that her boyfriend Rob had never flown with Baby Prim and really wanted to do so.

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