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2. Rule change allows Senator to bring newborn to work

Last week, Tammy Duckworth became the first U.S. Senator to bring a baby into the Senate chamber. Previously, only Senate members and some staff were allowed in the chamber. Duckworth, who would have been unable to vote because she couldn't leave her newborn, did something to change that.

Now senators can bring children under the age of 1 to work. The decision was voted on unanimously, so nearly two-week old Maise Duckworth joined her mother in the Senate on April 9. Don't worry, little Maise met the Senate dress code - assuming they allow ducky onesies.

Something to chew on when your daughter is running for student council president...

Women make up over half the U.S. population, however they only make up 21 percent of the Senate. That's something to talk about.

"¢ Do you think there should be more female lawmakers? Why or why not?

"¢ Why do you think there are so few women in office?

"¢ Do you think having more female lawmakers would make a difference in our country or your life? How so?

"¢ What do you think Duckworth meant when she said, "These policies aren't just a women's issue, they are a common-sense economic issue"?

3. Top Colleges Work to Recruit More Low-Income Students

Low-income individuals make up only 3 percent of students in America's top colleges, but presidents from the top 100 universities in America are working to change that number. By 2025, these universities plan to enroll 50,000 additional low and moderate income students and help them make it to graduation.

Something to chew when your son brings home a "D" on his math test...

What's it like to go to college after growing up homeless? Listen to Rashema Melson's interview, "Stop Calling Me 'The Homeless Valedictorian,'"(a 27-minute podcast) about her challenging, real-life experience attending Georgetown. And consider this together:

"¢ What were Rashema's greatest challenges?

"¢ Is there anything that could have been done to help make her transition easier?

"¢ What motivates you to accomplish a goal?

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5. What's trending

A thirst trap is what people post on social media when they're looking for some special attention. (i.e. a guy gets dumped and posts a hot selfie hoping his ex will remember how attractive he is. Or a girl's feeling crummy and hopes to get some affirmative comments on her clever Instavideo.)

The point is to get a reaction. Thirst traps can be sexual in nature, so be aware of what the kids are posting.

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