Mother's Day comes around, and with it that desire to get the perfect gift for Mom. These are some ideas to help you make Mom's Day special, no matter what finances are available to you.

1. Write your Mom a letter

. For whatever reason, we don't always tell our Mothers how we feel about them. Take the time to tell your Mom how grateful you are for her and what she does. This is a very personal, special gift.

2. Make something with what you've already got

You can bring Mom breakfast in bed, paint her a picture, go on a drive, have a picnic or do something else with what you already have. Just a tip: If you make your mom a meal, whether it's a picnic at the park or a candle light dinner with your best table cloth, don't make her clean up afterwards. Make sure you do the dishes and put the food away.

3. Support Mom's hobby

Get your Mom something that she can have fun with. If she likes to read get her a book or a gift certificate to her favorite book store. If she likes to listen to music get her a new CD. You get the point.

This is a chance to think outside the box. For instance; if she likes to run, you don't have to get her new shoes. Get her new hair bands and clips to help her hair stay put while running. Or get her new head phones for her mp3 player. Or an MP3 player.

If you know she has a hobby, but you don't know anything about it, find someone who does. For example, say your Mom likes to quilt, but you don't know a thing about quilting. Just go to your local fabric store and ask them for help with a good gift for a quilter. But do be careful, no matter what the hobby, with gifts she can't return. Remember, her hobby is her hobby. Or to be sure, ask her what she could use.

4. Buy a gift

Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, a card, a picture frame, a picture, tickets to a show, a gift card, collectibles, something nice for her car, movies, bath salts, perfume, a hat, etc. Think about what she would like and what would make her day.

5. Buy a gift that invests in your home

This can be dangerous. Some mothers would love to wake up on Mother's Day to find you bought her a new washer and dryer. Some mothers would be upset to find a new washer and dryer, only because they would want to pick it out themselves. This is a simple fix. Instead of buying the washer and dryer for them, take them to the store a couple days before (far enough ahead for the store to deliver the appliances to your house by Mother's Day) and let them pick out the washer and dryer. Then there are mothers who would be horrified to wake up and find a washer and dryer because they don't feel it's personal.

You just need to know the person you are buying things for and what they will and won't like. If the gift is at all decorative, like a couch or new paint, I would consult with her about it first.

6. Lessen Mom's workload

Mom does a lot! The idea with this gift is to help her out. Doing the dishes, filling the car with gas, cleaning the bathroom, etc. would really brighten up a mother's day. If you have the finances, you could take her on a vacation. Or even just a night out. Take her to a restaurant or movie.

Whatever the gift, it is the thought that counts. Mother's Day is about showing Mom how much she means to you. Whatever you do; the more thought you put into it, the more special it becomes. Remember that sometimes the most special gift is a hug, smile and spoken words; "I love you." and "Thank you."

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