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Olympic gold medalist, Bode Miller, recently stirred controversy after he shared a video to his Instagram where his son is running up a hill after he quit his soccer team saying it was a way of "teaching him a lesson." The alpine skier is seen driving slowly behind his son running in the video where he captioned it saying, "After quitting on his soccer team during his first game of the year, I let him run the hill. Enforcing consequences isn’t my favorite part of parenting, but learning from them is important." He continued by saying, "This was about so much more than a game of soccer. It’s about teaching our kids never to quit." Miller ended his Instagram caption clearing up any confusion saying, "For those who are concerned, the hill running was his idea. He said he didn’t run during the game. This kid is next level. #prouddad."


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Many viewers had mixed feelings about Miller's parenting style. One commenter agreed saying, “I commend you Bode — he was part of a team & others were counting on him, especially during the game. There are consequences in life — we don’t always get what we want. He may not like it now — but we will learn responsibility.”  While another user commented against Miller's tactics saying, “This is actually insane. Kids are their own people that are growing into adulthood. They are not your vessel to fulfill your own personal expectations. As long as they are good people. Raising them this way can cause extreme resentment and serious emotional development issues.”

Miller is married to pro beach volleyball player, Morgan Miller, where they share Nash, 7, Easton, 4, twin boys Asher and Aksel, 3, and Scarlet 18 months. The pair recently lost their daughter Emeline who tragically passed away in a drowning accident in their neighbor's pool in 2018. Miller is also the father to Nate, 9, and Dace 14, who are from a previous relationship.

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