You have to smile when you hear that little giggle. This baby is enjoying the simple experience of cooking with his parent, and your kids can, too. If you want your kids to have fun in the kitchen, follow these tips and soon you'll be cooking up a bunch of chuckles.

The more the merrier

The video above is so special because the whole family is together. Instead of leaving the baby in a chair in the other room, the dad is holding him and involving him in the family dinner. Not only does this create lasting memories, it could also have health benefits. According to Susan Moores, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, kids who cook with their parents are more likely to be open minded when trying healthy foods for the first time.

Share the chef's hat

Giving your kids responsibilities in the kitchen can make them feel special and takes a little of the load off of you. Having a teenager cook once a week is another way to involve them in the kitchen. Next time you are baking cookies or rolls, help your littlest chefs put the balls of dough onto the pan. Of course, always supervise them and keep in mind kitchen safety when dealing with knives, hot ovens or stoves and dangerous kitchen appliances.

Creative cooking contests

When your kids get bigger, make a friendly competition out of the kitchen experience. In a team cook-off, you can give extra points for healthy dishes to teach your kids about good eating decisions. A decorating competition with pizzas or bakery items is another fun way to involve family members of all ages. Bake a few miniature cakes or pizza crusts ahead of time and then have your kids get creative with toppings.

Obviously, you can't cook together as a whole family everyday. With soccer practice, choir rehearsals and the rest of busy family life, it can be hard to find time to cook together. But remember that some cherished and delicious memories can come from the kitchen. Next time you need an idea for a family night, bring your family together in the kitchen and prepare for plenty of laughs.

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