Dating can be confusing, but these kids have all the advice you'll need to see success.

In a new YouTube series called "Kids On," children offer up dating tips addressing questions like how long a boy should wait to call a girl after he gets her number or how to get over your shyness in approaching someone.

"If I'm asking someone out, what should I text?" the host, Dave Keystone, asked a young boy in the third episode, to which the boy responds, "Hey want to go out sometime?"

"Just like that?"

Though some of the dating tips conflict (like waiting a year to call or calling that night), hearing such straightforward advice might make you think twice about your own dating methods.

Have you ever thought about asking someone to meet you at the town hall or practicing breathing exercises after a rejection text? Have you given consideration to how much you use your eyebrows when approaching someone in public?

The series goes to show putting young kids on the spot with your dating questions can yield some confident and interesting answers.

"I know you think I'm a kid and I'm kind of, like, not good with girls or whatever," one boy said. "I had four girlfriends when I'm 7. I know what it feels like."

New episodes come out every Tuesday and will surely offer plenty more dating wisdom and entertainment. Now go put the advice into practice and see how well it works.

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