Most statistics say that the average person will spend one-third of their life asleep. If you live to be 75 years old, 25 of those years will be spent in sleep! Some websites will even let you calculate how long you will sleep for your entire life.

But it makes sense-sleep is how we recharge ourselves after a long day of work or taking care of the home. We even spend time mini-sleeping when we take naps. Young mothers probably miss sleep the most, because now they spend their days focused on their family or staying up late into the night with a baby. Hard-working fathers also miss precious sleep time as they get up early in the morning to provide for their family.

A good night's sleep is sometimes hard to come by, and if you deal with insomnia, illness, or late-night tasks, a good night's sleep is almost impossible. You stay up tossing, turning, and twisting in bed, trying to find a comfortable position. Maybe your spouse can fall asleep in 5 minutes lying on his stomach. Maybe you love curling up on your side into a ball.

The room temperature, noise levels, and brightness in a room contribute a lot to someone's sleeping experience. But perhaps the most important factor in finding a comfortable sleep is finding that comfortable sleeping position.

According to Better Sleep, specialists recommend sleeping on your side-not your back or stomach-for best sleep results. Lying directly on your back can create lower back pain, and sleeping on your stomach is found to be uncomfortable for most people.

How you sleep can tell a lot about who you are. How do you sleep, and what does that say about your personality?

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