A 6-year-old child is really moving forward in life. By now, most of them are in school for a full day. They are learning and growing all on their own.

They are starting to act independently and they are so proud of that. It's a terrific time to begin training life skills at home. They're learning a lot at school, but it's really important that they learn all the skills that go into growing up and being independent one day. It is certainly time to make sure that they are being trained at home just as they are being taught at school. And they're so willing to learn!

Start early

The earlier we start training our children, the better and easier it will be. Now that your child is 6, you can really have some fun teaching them life skills that they're ready to learn.

What can 6-year-olds do?

Here are some life-skills that a 6-year-old can learn.

Take a shower

By now the 6-year-old can dress themselves, comb their hair, and brush their teeth. It's time for them to shower by themselves! Get them their own supplies in their favorite color to make it a very special and grown-up thing.


Your child can help with dusting as a weekly chore. Get them their own special dusting rag or duster to use. Teach them several times and observe. When they miss, just say, "Whoops, don't forget to lift the book and dust under it!" Just more teaching - not scolding.

Load dishwasher or begin to wash dishes

They've been helping to clear the table and now is the time to rinse and load the dishwasher or begin to wash dishes by hand. Get a sturdy step-stool if needed.

Empty dishwasher or put dishes away

It helps to use unbreakable dishes and have a cupboard down low to hold the dishes. Make it easy!

Use a microwave

Teach them the rules about safely using a microwave and then have them use it to make their own breakfast or lunch and to help with dinner.

Water plants

Get them a special watering can and have them help water the plants. Teach them to check the soil to see if water is needed.

Make and answer phone calls

It's time to let them learn about the telephone! Have them call Grandma and Grandpa and practice proper phone etiquette. Have them answer the family phone properly to practice.

Clean sinks

Teach them how to clean a sink properly. Again, having their own equipment helps! Use a marker and put their name on the equipment and cleaning supplies they'll use. They'll love it!

At 6, kids are excited to be growing up. Once they learn something and have practiced, let them do it on their own. It's time for them to have regular chores and be part of the family work. Thank them and praise them for their help!

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