Just received the good news? The call you had been waiting for arrived just before the end of the day. Now, you have been offered a new job, a new title, more money, and the opportunity for growth. What could be better?

The only challenge is it is in another state, and you have to move your entire family. The anticipation within you mounts while simultaneously the dread of telling your family slowly dampens the excitement. What if they don't like the idea of moving?

Here are some ways to include your family in your job relocation process.

Explain to your children the reasons for the job search -

Often, we tend to leave our children out of the conversation because "they are way too young for this." It might surprise you the thought process your children may bring to the table.

Include the family in the job search -

It might be a difficult thing to do initially. Your children need to know you are searching for a new job. Yes, it may cause anxiety, but it will in the long run help with the transition. Older children can read over your documents and help you with areas you might not have thought about. Once children become a part of the process, they will feel that they participated in the ultimate decision.

Once you get the job, include everyone in finding more about the area -

Your children will truly enjoy surfing the Internet to find new information about the area. They, too, want to know about what the area is like, what they can look forward to, and perhaps what their schools are like. Many schools now have websites that help students orient themselves.

Contact the schools where your children will be going -

This is important, especially if you have small children. One of our moves was to Lewiston, Idaho. One of the teachers contacted us about our daughter's enrollment in an educational program at her school. She invited our daughter to a special day of "get-to-know-you" after we arrived. The event happened, and the friends she made at that party have remained lifelong friends.

Contact your church in the new area -

For us, contacting the church has been a great relocation tool. No matter where we have moved, our church has been there to help us move in, provide us with more food than we could ever eat, and introduce us to a new set of instantaneous friends. Churches love to welcome in new people.

Treat the location as an adventure -

When our daughters were young, we moved around a bit. We involved them from the beginning. Interestingly, when they were older, we asked them how they felt about the moves we made during their young lives. They both echoed this sentiment: "We always thought of our moves as adventures." While they didn't enjoy the packing and the goodbyes, they did enjoy the newness of it all. Plus, with all of the social media, they have remained in contact with their friends from all over.

So, if you are thinking about relocating, don't forget to include your family from onset. And have a great adventure!

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