A reporter bored and waiting for her post-Christmas flight in an airport terminal found a bit of entertainment when overhearing fellow passengers flirt with each other.

So Tulsa Fox 23 reporter Martina Del Bonta live-tweeted the budding romance - and the whole thing got a bit more interesting once going viral.

According to Fox 23, the idea hit Del Bonta when she noted two Oral Roberts University students chatting before the delayed flight from Phoenix to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Soon, Del Bonta and the students boarded the plane, their banter again documented on the journalist's Twitter feed.

And once the journalist's followers added a hashtag to the mix, Del Bonta wasn't the only one intrigued by the ORU students.

As Rachel Bishop noted for Metro, others - companies even - began rooting for the students to give a date a shot by the time they reached the Tulsa baggage claim.

According to Metro, some wondered if Del Bonta's tweets were a bit "intrusive." A Reddit user noted social media's presence just about anywhere makes it so people "can't even have a private conversation these days without someone tweeting about it."

Still, word from the baggage claim indicated the woman said yes to the date.

And Fox 23 reported the potential couple has big plans for it.

"Quick arrangements were made to get the potential couple's first date planned," according to Fox 23. "On Tuesday, Switchfoot singer Jon Foreman, who the two bonded over, took to social media to offer them tickets to one of his shows. Now they are working to get Foreman to play a show at Oral Roberts University."

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