It's a pretty big moment when your baby takes those first tentative steps. When your daughter is ready for her senior prom, that's pretty big, too. Those family vacations don't remember themselves, and your parents won't be around forever. How do you capture and keep these fleeting moments without seeming overbearing or obsessed? What is the best method to use for documenting these drifting days? Here are some creative ideas to relive those memories and keep them for years to come.

1. Use those electronics

 Cameras, iPhones, and handheld recorders are valuable pieces of gadgetry to help capture those birthday candles being blown out. Make sure everything is always charged and ready to go.

2. Scrapbooks

 I know what you're thinking, but the modern day scrapbooks no longer require paper cuts or sticky pages. There are many popular companies and websites that offer digital scrapbooks that you can make and ship to yourself. Similar to yearbooks, these scrapbooks allow room for you to write about specific events or include letters or documents. Shutterfly and Designer Digital are two places you should look.

3. DVDs

 It took my father forever, but somehow he converted all our old camcorder tapes onto DVDs to cherish forever. It might require some Googling and a lot of time, and maybe some money, but you won't ever have to worry about those bulky tapes again.

4. Back up storage

 On every device there is usually a way to back up and protect photos and videos. When my iPad recently crashed and had to be restored, I was a bit upset that I hadn't saved everything. Apps like iDrive Photo or iCloud are especially helpful.

5. Heirlooms

 If your family memories live within a special piece of furniture or document, make sure you keep it in the family and have it saved or preserved. These big ticket items are a big part of your heritage, so treat them with respect.

Whether it's grandma's journal or remembering your baby's first cupcake, these memories are not going to last forever in your mind. With new technology and inventions, almost anything is possible for saving your moments. Print those photos, make more copies, and store those books somewhere safe.

The most important thing in preserving family memories is going back often to re-watch or re-read those parts of your family's past. You don't want to shove it on a shelf and forget about it for 50 years. Teach your children the importance of creating and keeping memories, but don't become so wrapped up in photography or videotaping that you forget to enjoy the moment and be a part of it. It is all about finding that exact balance and treasuring these days for years and lifetimes to come.

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