"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if you only try!"

Dr. Seuss is an incredible example of incorporating creativity in daily life. His literary inventions of Whoville, the Lorax, and green eggs and ham are just a few examples of his ability to create worlds and characters unlike any other.

As a child, it is easy to be creative. We are constantly making new things that were never there before. Whether it's a colorful drawing, an exciting story or a new dance move, kids are always exercising imagination.

But somewhere along the line, you grow up. School gets harder, playtime gets shorter and your imagination might be replaced with a lengthy to-do list. As adults, it's easy to overlook creativity because you already have so much to balance in your life. Why would it be important to return to your childhood imagination?

Creativity is not reserved only for kids. In fact, when adults take breaks for out-of-the-box playtime, it can help them relax, connect with others and feel rejuvenated when they return to work. After a long day, camping out in front of the television and shutting off your brain might be tempting. However, creative activities can recharge you much better than mindless television or video games. The video gives some great insight for creative activities. Here are 20 ideas for increasing personal creativity.

Creative environment

Find a creative environment that works for you to relax and clear your mind.


Play creative games and activities with your spouse. This also keeps your relationship fresh and exciting.


Even if you think your drawings are hideous, just sit down and color with your toddler.

Take constructive breaks

If you're feeling swamped at work, take five minutes to walk around and change your environment to brainstorm new project ideas.

Get ideas from your kids

Play house or dress up with your imaginative toddler.

Go on a walk

Get outside to clear your mind and help you look at life from a new perspective.


Visit someplace new and different from your hometown.

Make up a story

When your family is on a boring road trip, play a game where you all come up with a story one sentence at a time. You'll be amazed at your kids' creativity.

Turn off the computer

Sometimes it's helpful to let your brain do more of the thinking. A new perspective can help trigger ideas.

Get plenty of rest

It's always necessary to get a full night's sleep to make sure your brain recharges.

Start a new hobby

Hobbies such as fishing or painting can relieve stress which can help you focus on new ideas.

Write in a journal

Don't hold back or edit yourself, just write.

Start a weekend project

Give yourself something new to do over the weekend to take your mind off your work obligations.

Finish your weekend project

Don't leave a great idea alone.

Keep learning

Take a community education class to help discover a new hidden talent or interest.

Learn from your kids

Let them teach you about their hobbies.

Share whatever you create

If it's just sitting in your garage, it won't change the world.

Enjoy music

Listen to new music and let it inspire you.

Complete a challenging task

Clean the messiest room in your house, and then dance there in celebration with your kids.

Rekindle old hobbies

Keep your old hobbies alive by playing your favorite instrument or throwing a baseball in the backyard.

"It's amazing the clarity that comes to a person once they grab hold of their creative 'mojo,'" said creative adult coach Trevor O. Weaver. "I've had many students tell me that they feel like they can create or conquer anything."

You absolutely can conquer anything. The world is waiting for your influence, so get out there and see what you can create.

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