Whether you're adopting a dog for companionship or to have an extra pair of eyes in your home, make sure you're doing it for the right (humane) reasons. There's no use in calling a dog man's best friend if they're being mistreated.

But if the idea of keeping a dog indoors 24/7 feels like a full-time job, you can opt to house them in the garage. After all, a garage is still a room, right? Should we feel guilty about leaving them in there? To clear things up, it is not inhumane or illegal to keep them in garages under certain conditions. Animal control will only interfere if your dog is being mistreated.

That being said, dogs are social animals and need your attention and care. Consider these things before putting your dog in the garage:


A dog's fur can only handle so much. The climate inside your garage has to be controlled so they don't die from the cold (or get hypothermia!) or suffer from heat stroke. Install a heater for the cold winter months and use proper ventilation during the summer. Keep an eye on both of these systems; heaters can catch fire and ventilation systems can jam up if you aren't careful.

Shelter them from the wind, snow, rain and heat of the sun just like you would a family member.


Keep in mind that younger puppies need more interaction and cuddles from their owners, so the garage is not the best place for them until they grow up a little. Once in the garage, provide your dog with comfortable bedding and a specific corner just for resting. Chewy toys are also a good investment so they don't get bored - or end up chewing your favorite pair of shoes. Keep your dog well-fed and always let them have access to water.


Don't imprison them inside your garage. What use is having a dog if you don't even pay them any attention? Allow them to go in and out as they please.

Even though this shelter does protect them from some of the dangers of the outside world, dogs still need their daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air. Don't keep your dog locked up all day inside a garage.

Interaction and attention

Dogs are affectionate creatures; theylove spending time with you. They need regular exercise, at least once a day. Greet them before you leave and when you get home, so they feel appreciated and cared for. They will be happy to see you no matter the time of day.


Make sure you've cleared as much space off your garage floors as possible so your pooch can roam around without causing damage to your things or themselves. Double check your garage doors for holes, gaps and loose bolts.

Tools and liquids must be stored up high and out of sight so your dog doesn't swallow or choke on materials lying around. Road salt and anti-freeze solutions (commonly used in the winter) can accidentally be consumed by your pets and result in diarrhea or even death.

Believe it or not, dogs are also vulnerable to theft. "Dog-napping" is common in some neighborhoods, especially if they're of a rare, expensive breed. Keep a close eye on your dog, especially if your dog isn't living in the house with you.

As man's loyal companion, they deserve your love and care. Dogs and humans have loved each other for years; don't break that bond. Consider keeping your pet indoors in the evening for bed, or during the day to spend time with you. Proper training can help your dog behave well inside your home. But regardless of how much time your pooch is spending in the garage, ensure it is a safe and comfortable space for them.

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