All right, moms. Who can relate?

Even though we love our kids to the moon and back, having a break from school seriously increases our workload and exhaustion levels.

This depiction about the school spring break sums it up - calling it "Spring NO Break."

The mom starts out strong, like most of us do. She's excited about the break, doing some crafts and resolves to "no TV." All too soon, the craft is done and the kids are bored. Sound familiar? After the second day of craziness, sticker-covered and exhausted, she calls a friend begging for a play date. But, her friend is on vacation. Next, there's shopping with the kids. By day six, she gives in and turns on the television to sneak in a shower, which gets interrupted, of course.

Day seven, a friend comes to the door. Sporting an unkempt look, she answers the door, "Oh, hey." "What happened to you?" asks her friend. "Spring no break." "Oh, ours is next week." "Oh, hey, here. Take our leftover craft supplies; you might need them." "Thanks." "Good luck!"

We truly love our kids, but some days - or weeks - are more difficult than others, especially when they're on school vacation. Make sure you take some time for yourself to recharge. Don't let your kids rely on you for their entertainment. Kids are imaginative and can come up with fun things to do when they're "bored." They can play in the backyard, read books, build a fort, paint or color, build with Lego bricks or blocks or play with all the neglected toys they have. Read these "20 activities for dads to do with their kids" which are totally acceptable to do with moms as well.

Some television or electronic device playing time is OK, but avoid allowing children to overuse electronics. Here is a great list of "101 non-electronic things for kids to do when they're bored."

When those breaks come along, take a deep breath and let kids entertain themselves in a supervised environment. And, brace yourselves for the "Summer NO Break."

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