There's a big test coming up and you have pages filled with notes - where do you begin? Is there really one "tried and true" way to study and ace all of your quizzes? The importance of studying begins with you: understanding your learning style and knowing where to go from there. As I finish up my freshman year of college, I am beginning to understand how important it is to take the time to read, review, and recognize the information each teacher wants you to know.

The DO List of Studying

*Take good notes while in class. They will be your best friend later.

*DO use your highlighter to outline important events, formulas, or general information.

*DO write in a different color than black. Studies show that if you write in blue, green, or purple, you will have a better chance remembering your notes than if they were written in black.

*DO compare notes with other classmates. Form groups and hit the library. What they write down may be different from what you have, and it will benefit everyone.

*DO read the textbook

. It may be painful and slow, but that is what most of the test will be based. Read the bold vocabulary and be familiar with the material.

*DO use handy websites like I've made many sets of flashcards, and they always are a great help.

The DON'T List of Studying

*DON'T always study with friends. Side conversations and funny Facebook or YouTube posts will quickly get in the way. Reserve some personal time for you.

*DON'T rush your writing or scribble in your notebook. Use charts, bullet points, tables, and that trusted highlighter, and your notes will be friendly instead of frightening.

*DON'T study for one hour. Or one day. Do a little bit each day, and keep your mind on top of things.

*DON'T throw out the information after the test. Chances are that information may be needed for future exams or courses.

The first step before any studying takes place is to figure out what style suits you best. Do you do well with music playing? Can you study outdoors? I found that I need my laptop, iPad, phone, and a water bottle nearby. I need headphones, but no music. I need my notebooks and websites open and my mind clear. How do you study?

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