We've all done it - stopped mid-sentence because we hear our mother's words coming out of our mouth. We've also shaken our head after phrases like, "Everyone stop throwing bugs at each other this instant," are spoken. As a mom, there's plenty of, "I never thought I'd have to say that," moments.

In this viral video, Mom and comedian Anita Renfroe gives a fun rendition of stuff moms say the most. Many will sound oh, so familiar. Sometimes moms say the darndest things.

Here are 10 things a mom should tell her kids every day.

1. I love you

Your child will face competition and criticism every day. It's nice for her to know there's someone in her corner. Along with the successes there will be failures. Your child needs to know there is someone out there who loves her no matter what.

2. Eat something healthy

From schoolwork, to sports, to the playground, your child is going to burn a lot of calories. It's tough to face the day without some good and healthy fuel. Poor eating habits will lead to a lack of energy, poor concentration and can contribute to some serious health problems. So, care enough to say no to junk. Don't just say it, set a good example by eating your vegetables, too.

3. Good job

Don't you love it when your boss tells you how much you're valued? So do your kids. When you're the mom, you're the boss. Take some time to recognize your kids for the things they do well.

4. Be nice

So many of the world's problems would magically disappear if everyone followed the golden rule. Teach your children to be selfless. Teach them to give a helping hand to those in need. Teach them to control their anger and frustrations. Tell them to smile. Tell them to, "Be nice."

5. Good idea

Parents don't have a corner on the market when it comes to good ideas. Listen to your kids and you'll be surprised at the great solutions they can come up with. When your child has a good idea, encourage it. The positive reinforcement will encourage him to be creative and share more good ideas in the future.

6. Get to work

Teach your kids to work hard, and they'll have a step up on many of their peers. Behind every success story you'll find a lot of hard work. You want to prepare your kids for life without you. To get out of your basement, they actually need to know how to do things for themselves. They'll need some kind of vocational training and the ability to consistently show up for a job. All of this requires some work.

7. You're so funny

Kids like to know they bring joy to your life. Your child likes to see your face light up when you talk to him. So, laugh at all the jokes - even the dumb ones. Let your child know he's a bright spot in your day.

8. How about a hug?

Never underestimate the importance of physical contact. Give your kids a hug every day. Hug your child when she's had a hard day and needs one, or just because. Also, ask for a hug when you need one. She'll feel good knowing she can do something to help you have a better day.

9. Don't forget ...

your lunch, your homework, to be kind, where you've come from, where you want to go in life and that I love you.

10. Be yourself

With all their friends, teachers and the media trying to mold your kids into a certain image, give your kids permission to be themselves. He doesn't have to wear a certain kind of shoes. She doesn't have to wear her hair a certain way. She can dislike any subject in school she wants, and he can pick all the toppings off his pizza. Tell your child, "You're no stranger than anyone else and you're great just the way you are."

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