Musician Chris Picco played for hours every day to his sick newborn son and his performance of The Beatles' "Blackbird" is going viral.

On November 8, Picco's wife, Ashley, delivered Lennon via emergency C-Section at just 24 weeks into her pregnancy. Later that day, she passed away in her in sleep. According to USA Today, Ashley was only 30 years old.

According to the video description, doctors at Loma Linda University Hospital were concerned for Lennon because he had a lack of movement and brain activity.

Picco remembered how Ashley would tell him that Lennon would move around when they listened to music.

"So I thought, I'm going to get my guitar; Ashley would want me to sing to my son and play to my son," he told ABC 7 in Los Angeles, California.

Picco said he chose the song "Blackbird" in hopes that it would trigger something in Lennon.

"It's a song I really love and I was looking to play songs that had kind of that melodic movement that might trigger something in him," Picco told ABC 7.

Unfortunately, Lennon passed away, at four days old, in Picco's arms.

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