There are three important truths that children need to learn about God. These truths will help them throughout their lives, particularly when the chips are down and the world looks like an ugly place. There are times when all children feel alone. They question a lot of what they have been taught, but the truths remain within them as something they can later count on.

Truth #1: God is their father and wants to see them return home

God is the creator and father of their spirits. As our father, He loves them in a perfect way. He has a vested interest in them as our children. They are His spirit offspring and that connection can never be broken. Knowing that when they feel as though their earthly parents let them down, being able to speak to one with perfect, unconditional love for them who promises to always listen and answer their prayers can be the most comforting thing in the world. As with any father, He wants them to learn here and prove themselves and to return to Him honorably. He wants nothing more than to hug His children and tell them how proud He is of the job they did and the lessons they learned.

Truth #2. He wants them to learn and to be happy

God did not send them here to be miserable. He did send them here to learn, which can sometimes lead to misery through painful lessons. But, in the long run, he wants them to find joy in the learning, and to be grateful for their trials. Knowing they have a "cheerleader" who wants them to be happy and find joy will help them to do so. We can teach them that sometimes tough lessons lead to eternal truths and happiness, and that no hardship is a hardship if they learn from it. Help them learn that He doesn't dispense misery and pain. He roots for them and knows what each of them need to learn to be worthy to return to Him. He wants to see them again in heaven.

Truth #3. He gave them lots of tools and resources

He didn't just turn them loose in a crazy world without an oar. He provided lots of tools for them. The Holy Spirit can be their constant companion if they are worthy and able to heed His promptings. He gave them scriptures full of life lessons. He provided them with churches to gather with those who have similar beliefs for strength in numbers and support. He gave them prayer and the opportunity to speak with Him any time when they are troubled. Then, knowing the temptations they would face and the frailty of being human, He provided them with a Savior to atone for their sins. No matter what trouble they may find themselves in, there is a way out. They must know this truth so that they don't give up and throw in the towel. There are so many temptations out there - drugs, pornography, alcohol, sex - that will act as a numbing agent when they can't cope. Give these precious children on loan to us the tools they need to be able to navigate rough waters. Give them that oar. Remind them constantly of these tools, and that despair is one of Satan's tools and has no place in their lives.

These three truths about our loving God will help children throughout their lives. Teaching them is a privilege and honor. They are simple, true, and unchanging. With a world that changes its teachings at every whim, having that assurance is priceless. Give your kids the gift of faith by teaching them these truths.

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