Flowers and jewelry are nice, and I'm sure many women appreciate getting these gifts. But a gift from a store means a lot less than a gift truly from the heart.

For many moms, receiving service means a lot more than getting a last-minute gift from the local flower shop.

Here are five things most mothers would be thrilled to get for Mother's Day - gifts that don't cost you any money at all.

1. A full day of not dealing with anyone's bodily fluids

Knowing that for one full day she won't have to change anyone's diaper, wipe anyone's bum or deal with any other bodily fluids will leave Mom ecstatic.

Doing all of these jobs for her for one day says you understand these everyday tasks are hard work and you think she deserves a break.

2. A full day of using the bathroom without interruptions

For many women, becoming a mother means giving up a lot of privacy.

Getting a full day of using the bathroom without any interruptions is a gift worth more than any flower bouquet.

3. A full night's sleep

Anyone with young children can probably tell you that a full night's sleep is a thing of the past.

Allowing Mom to sleep all night long with no interruptions is a gift of immeasurable worth.

4.A fully clean house

Waking up to a house she doesn't have to clean is a dream come true for any woman.

Whether you clean it yourself or hire a cleaning service, give your mom the gift of a clean abode.

5. A full day off

Most moms love spending time with their kids, but they do need a real break once in a while. They're on duty 24/7 (This is especially true of moms who breastfeed on demand.). So a full day off is better than anything money could buy.

Whether you take the children out of the house or you book a bed and breakfast for her solo day and night, an entire rest day is a great way to show her how much you appreciate the hard work she puts in.

Showing appreciation to Mom does not need to cost money. Most women are thrilled by kind acts of service that show you understand being a mom is rewarding but also very hard work.

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