There are endless ways to be a good father - and they're really a lot simpler than you might think. You're probably already doing most of these things (and if you're not, start).

All it takes is love ... and some kids.

Dads, here are 10 things you're doing right.

1. You say 'no'

Kids can be whiny, obnoxious and persistent. It's tempting to give in when doing so will silence them! But when you stand your ground and say "no," you're ultimately building your kids' love and respect for you.

2. You say 'yes'

When I was young, my dad had three jobs, served as a church leader, and somehow made each of his seven kids feel like they were his favorite. He read us stories, rocked us late into the night and played basketball with us in the driveway for hours. As a parent looking back, I can only imagine how exhausted my dad must have been, but no one would have known. His priority was his family - and it showed.

3. You pray

Not only does your example teach your kids to pray also, but it shows your kids when to pray, how to pray, where to pray, and why to pray.

4. You're exhausted

You give everything to your family, and this leaves you mentally and physically exhausted. Dads, your endless efforts do not go unnoticed. Although kids might not be the best at showing their appreciation, your constant devotion is something they'll always remember.

5. You believe in your kids

No matter what kind of encouragement your kids receive throughout their lives, nothing compares to the support they get from you. Whether in sports, school, friends or fears, if you don't have faith in your kids, who will?

6. You make them work

More often these days, kids get everything handed to them on silver platters. But what does that teach them? When you teach your kids to do things for themselves - especially when you work alongside them - you create deeper bonds and self-sufficient people.

7. You tell them they are beautiful

Their eyes, their smiles, their ideas, their positive actions, their interests, their laughs, their accomplishments, their failures - it all makes up the beautiful people you know they are.

8. You put your wife first

If you have sons, this shows them how to be a gentlemen. It shows them how to love and respect women. If you have daughters, this teaches them what to look for in men, not settling for anything less than they deserve.

9. You are kind

Despite what you may choose to believe, kids do hear everything you say. It may not seem like it (especially when you're constantly telling them what to do over and over again). But if you think your kids aren't listening, think again. It's true that actions speak louder than words, but words are pretty loud too. How you treat others and what you say about others go hand in hand.

10. You are thankful

A simple quality that is lost on many, being thankful shows appreciation for what others have done. Gratitude teaches your kids that everyone is worthy of respect.

These are only some of the many ways you show your kids that you love them. They are your whole world - and you are theirs. Dads, keep rocking fatherhood.

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