For children, believing comes naturally. Their hearts and minds are open which allows them to feel things that are often ignored by adults. Because of this, children are resilient. They are the most loving, forgiving, hopeful, joyful group of individuals on the earth. They are able to see the goodness in everything and everyone. And above all, they truly believe all things are possible.

Unfortunately, as we grow older, we somehow lose a bit of our faith and our ability to believe becomes clouded with doubts and concerns. What once was faith is overrun by fear.

An American educator and religious leader, Jeffrey Holland said, "Hope on. Journey on. Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever, fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe."

What is the importance of believing? Here are six certainties we gain by believing.


When we believe, we can gain the companionship of God's spirit. His spirit will warn us when we are in danger, guide us when we are uncertain, and lift us when we are in sorrow. His companionship will allow us to feel God's arms around us when it seems we're all alone. It is the single greatest certainty given a believer.


Someone who believes in God can be given the certainty of peace. Because of our faith, we can know that even in times of trial, God will carry us through the storm. We can go to him in prayer, and he will listen and comfort us. We can trust in his plan and know that whatever happens, God is with us, and that makes all the difference.


Someone who believes can receive answers to the big questions. We can know why we are here, where we came from and where we are going. We can know that our life has a plan and rejoice in it. We can have an attitude of gratitude and realize that all things come from God. This can allow us to see the good in the world, and in others. Our heart can be directed toward God, aligned with his goodness, and filled with joy.


Someone who believes can gain the certainty of added strength in their day to day life and trials. We have God's strength added to our own. Sometimes that strength lifts us out of darkness. At times, it pushes us toward greatness, and every so often that strength carries us to higher ground. God's strength gives us the power to accomplish miracles in our life and the lives of others.


To hope for something is to confidently expect it. For someone who believes, it's not just wishful thinking to hope for a better world, they confidently expect it. We can trust in God's promises that he will deliver us. We know that if we fearlessly walk by faith in this life, we will without a doubt, live with God in the life to come. Our faith leads us to hope, and our hope leads us back to God.


Someone who believes gains a greater capacity to love. With a heart full of hope, fueled by faith, we learn to see the world as God sees it. We recognize God's spirit in all of his children, and we develop a love for them as we comfort and serve them. As our hearts are turned to God, our desires turn to helping and filling the needs of his children that they too may feel the love of their Heavenly Father. Love for self also increases as we recognize that we too are precious, beloved children of God.

When we choose to believe, not only do we gain the certainties of companionship, peace, joy, strength, hope, and love, but we also come to understand the truth of the statement, "all things are possible to them that believe." We learn that God is our Father, that he loves us and that if we put our trust in him, his strength is sufficient to carry us home.

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