The sheer number of decisions made in a single day is daunting. Consciously or subconsciously, you make tiny choices that might not matter from day to day while also choosing options that have lifelong impact. While selecting a breakfast cereal might not cause you to think twice, choosing a life partner, deciding when to have children, to return to school, or move across the country are usually choices soaked in doubt and second guessing.

These major life decisions are difficult to make, especially if this decision will affect your spouse and family. A supportive spouse may help you make these decisions, but there are still times where doubt starts to creep in. There are so many factors to consider, pros and cons to weigh, and unpredictable effects, how can you be sure you are making the right choice?

Religious leader Henry Eyring offers insight on how to dispel doubt in our lives. In a world inundated with falsehoods and lies, a constant source of reassurance and influence can be ours" if we choose to listen. God wants to guide us through life's decisions, helping us avoid clever deception in order to choose truth. His help will let us make the choices that will bring the most happiness and will bless our lives.

However, this chance to confidently make decisions doesn't happen without some effort on our part. The world we live in is incredibly busy, noisy and distracted. God might be helping guide our choices, but it's hard to hear or see His help with headphones in, laptops open and televisions blaring. His help won't come through a text message or an update on your phone, but are just as obvious if you are paying attention.

Deciding to live a quieter and more prayerful life will reap the benefits of confident decision-making. Make personal and companion prayers a priority in your marriage. Make time to specifically listen to God's guidance throughout your daily routine. Practice concrete communication skills with your spouse and with God. Find time to improve on living, listening, and praying.

1. Living

Live in a way that allows you to act on what God is guiding you to do. Henry Eyring outlined how hearts full of charity allow God to more fully help us make the decisions we are considering. Make a goal each day to serve. It could be a little action, like letting someone in the turn lane or deciding to volunteer your Saturday to help at a food bank. God's help will be more clear when your heart is centered on service.

2. Listening

Just as you would listen to what your spouse has to say about the decision, listen to what God is saying. Study the Bible, attend church meetings and spend time discussing options with your partner without the many distractions that pull our time away from God. Set time aside to talk with religious leaders instead of catching up on episodes of your favorite television show. God can't compete with the distractions if you aren't willing to make time to listen.

3. Praying

As a couple, pray together about your decisions and listen hard to what God is trying to tell you. Pray for the strength to follow through with your decision. When we choose to listen to God and pray about our choices, He will give you more guidance. Set alarms a few minutes earlier to pray as a couple before you start your day. Pray before talking about a major life change. Pray before making a big decision.

With the millions of decisions that life demands us to make, having God's support and the support of a loving spouse will eliminate doubt present in your life. God's guidance will grant you comfort and hope when life doesn't go according to plan and will help you make the decisions that will bless your marriage to be happier, more confident and closer to God.

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