What is a bad man you ask? We're talking about men who destroy women's self-esteem or well-being, and emotionally abuse them. These bad men could be felons or gang members, but they're often just average men who treat women poorly and emotionally abuse them.

These men don't usually start bad. They might have a past of being nice - or pretending to be nice. Women fall for them, and they love them dearly. These women recognized the 'bad men' weren't perfect from the beginning, but they convinced themselves they could 'fix' these men and make them better.

The true and sad reality is that women in emotionally abusive relationships often suffer from low self-esteem and feel trapped in these relationships - they're not addicted. These women might not think they can do better, and they might not think they deserve better.

They may be afraid of being lonely. These men may have some sort of control over the women. Maybe these 'addicted' women don't know how a healthy relationship works.

If you are a woman who is with a bad man, chances are you have been with other bad men in the past. It's likely you'll be with this type of man again unless you break away from them and come to terms with your reality. Raise yourself up, stop listening to these 'bad men' and escape from the relationship.

Here's how you can break away:

1. Realize

Look around and realize you're in a very bad situation. You need to break away to keep your safety and sanity. It's never easy ending a relationship, especially one you're addicted to or trapped in. Be very serious and honest with yourself that this is the right choice.

2. Get help

Seek help from family and friends. Consider seeking professional help from a therapist to prepare yourself for independence. Having a good support system is crucial to recovery.

3. Plan

Make a plan and stick to it. Don't make sudden decisions or act as a result of emotions. You know what the man you're with is like. Consider what type of circumstance would be safest to leave him, and go with that plan. Don't put yourself in physical or emotional danger.

4. Know what to look for

When you start looking to date again, remember the signs of an emotionally abusive person. Don't get involved with anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself and avoid dating anyone with the same traits as the 'bad man' you were with before. Remember - you can't fix him. Look for a kind, stable person who accepts you as you are.

There are also scenarios where men are addicted to 'bad women' for the same reasons. It's important for these men to protect themselves and follow the same tips for breaking away and finding a healthy relationship.

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