Have you found yourself on Mother's Day feeling down, depressed or maybe even grouchy? Is it because your expectations for the day were not met? Perhaps you are like just about every other woman who feels like they are the only imperfect mother and that you are not anything special to celebrate. Here are some simple truths worth celebrating:

There are no perfect mothers

None. Not even the ones who seem perfect are perfect. But there are many very good mothers - and they are all good in their own way. All women are worthy to be cherished and loved.

Stop concentrating on your flaws

We all make mistakes, but we need not focus on them. Brush it off. Make changes if necessary, and move on.

Focus on the great things you ARE doing

Maybe you read to your kids almost every day. Perhaps you cook meals for your family most evenings. Or you help other women with their children weekly. Some women are really great at seeing and fulfilling the needs of others. Many women have great advice to offer. Some moms are excellent listeners or can relate well to others.

If you stumble today, get up and start again tomorrow

A bad moment or day does not make you a bad mom. Take as many 'chances' as you need to get it right. It's OK, we are not perfect.

Small efforts matter

A book entitled, "The Mother's Mite: Why Even Our Smallest Efforts Matter" by author DeAnne Flynn shares many short stories about mothers who probably thought that the efforts they were making were insignificant. To those that benefited, these small efforts made all the difference. It's about giving what you can, and knowing that those efforts are enough.

Your kids really do think that you're "the best mom ever."

Not only are kids painfully honest, they are very forgiving. They love you even with the flaws because you love them. They know you are trying your best.

Understand that what we give is enough, even if we're not perfect. There are no perfect mothers, but plenty of good ones.

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