We all want to do our best to please God and become closer to him. Nothing is more special, intimate and personal than having a deep and devloped relationship with God. But, for most everyone on the earth, there are moments in life when we cannot hear his guidance and direction.

What is it that causes these trivial moments of distance in our lives? Could it be our own decisions or circumstances? Does God truly retreat from us at times when we need him most?

Well, the truth is, God never abandons you. Even if he seems unreachable at times, he is always there. He is readily available to you for any question or concern you may have or comfort you may need. But being imperfect beings, there are certain bad habits or choices we make that may block out our ability to hear God's counsel.

No one wants to destroy their faith in God; doing so severs a relationship you have had with someone since before you came to the Earth. Here are four small habits that can destroy your faith in God:

Comparing yourself to others

With so many people in the world, and especially with social media, comparing your life to someone else's is an effortless and destructive habit. When you are full of envy and you compare yourself to a friend or stranger, you are doubting God's individualized plan for you.

If you constantly beat yourself up about your lack of opportunities or achievements in life, you are losing faith in your potential. Patience is key in times of confusion. God knows you, he knows what you want and he will guide you to where you long to be, but he will do so in his timing, not in your own.

Being reckless with your words

With so many opinions on what is right and wrong, it is easy to grow frustrated or angry at others who disagree with you. What we often forget is how powerful our words are. Over the years, words can build up a relationship and can completely shatter it in seconds if we are not careful.

Be mindful of the way you treat people. There is a significant lack of kindness in the world today. We see that though arguments on social media, in public and even within our own homes. Don't be quick to judge others for their opinions, but learn to respect them. Respect, empathy and compassion are three of the most powerful qualities a person can have in the world today. By neglecting kindness, you can grow numb to those feelings of love God is constantly sending your way.

Being constantly distracted

With smartphones chiming, headphones blasting in our ears and a massive amount of advertisements everywhere we look, our brains are busy. We can be conversing with God one minute and then have our mind shift to some viral, violent news story the next. Being mindful and spiritual is not possible when you are distracted. If you are constantly on your phone or listening to loud music, you miss out on spiritual experiences that are vital for your ability to grow closer to God or listen to his guidance.

Putting God last

After a busy day at work, a long commute and finishing all of the obligations that come with the daily grind, there are moments when we are unknowingly neglecting God. We only take time to pray and speak with him when it is convenient for us or when we need something. Instead of waiting until the end of your day, put God before everything else. If you do so, you will find true happiness in your circumstances, strength and courage in your efforts and your faith will grow strong against all of the things that attempt to destroy it.

Be mindful of your faith in God, and do not take your faith for granted. God loves you with an indescribable and unconditional love, even if you feel you do not deserve it. Put your faith first, and you will accomplish everything you set your mind to.

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