When was the last time you ever made your child's world like this dad did for his little girl? Being a great dad really doesn't take much effort, it just requires a bit of fun and bringing out your inner child. You may not view it as manly, but your kids will likely think you're the coolest dad ever. Not to mention, the benefits of bonding with your child are priceless. Try these ideas to get you started.

  • Build a fort and pretend you have to defend your castle.

  • Play hide and seek.

  • Read out loud or make up your own stories and use different voices and accents for the different characters.

  • Make puppets and put on a puppet show.

  • Play freeze tag in the backyard.

  • Pretend the floor is hot lava and do whatever you can to avoid stepping in it.

  • Pretend you are ninja spies that have to do everything with stealth.

  • Make cookies and let your child choose the add-ins (i.e. chocolate chips, marshmallows, gummy bears, sprinkles etc.)

  • Spend the day talking and moving like robots. You can also build robot costumes out of boxes.

  • Develop a secret language.

  • Do karaoke or lip-sync your favorite songs.

  • Write and illustrate a book together.

  • Have a spontaneous dance party in the family room, kitchen, grocery store, front yard or anywhere else you are with your child.

  • Have a "crazy hair day" where you do each other's hair and leave it for the day.

The daddy-daughter duo in the video simply recorded themselves lip-syncing a favorite movie tune and had a good time doing it. Whatever you do, simple or complex, just have fun and enjoy being a dad to your kids. Most importantly, remember that your kids just want time with you. Allow it to be fun, childish, lighthearted and full of giggles.

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