What if the deejays on the radio started talking to you inside your car?

This happened to one grieving mother, Michelle, who recently lost her 19-year-old son, Blaine. After his death, Michelle took time off from work to grieve her loss, at which point, her bills began to pile up.

Michelle's daughter, Crystal, decided to do something about it. With the help from a local radio station, Michelle was about to get a huge surprise. Deejays, Kyle and Jackie O, planned with Crystal to have Michelle in the car at a certain time so they could make the surprise announcement during a "give back" segment.

As they begin to describe the person they were giving back to, Michelle soon begins crying as she realizes they're talking about her, especially as they talk about her son and her mounting bills. The radio host even becomes emotional. They then tell Michelle that they plan to cover six months of her mortgage as well as finish up the outdoor renovations her son, Blaine, had started, but was unable to finish.

By taking care of these financial obligations, it allowed Michelle to take more time off work so she could grieve properly instead of struggling to go back to work.

The death of someone close is never an easy event to handle. Dealing with the pain and loss of a loved one takes time. If you are struggling with the death of someone dear to you, please know that it is OK to be patient with the healing process.

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