While some of us stress about finding just one Halloween costume each year, Jessica Chavkin finds the time to make her son, Noah, 31 costumes. Each day of October you can find Noah sporting an adorable, different themed costume. This is an especially impressive accomplishment considering Noah is a squirmy toddler.

The incredible project started on Noah's first Halloween last year.

"Since dressing up Noah is STILL my favorite thing to do, and Noah is STILL my favorite thing ever, we will be counting our way down to Halloween with as many costumes as a wonderful but wiggly toddler feels like exploring," Jessica wrote on her blog. "I hope that you're amused, I know we will be."

Check out sweet Noah in a few of these costumes that are likely to inspire your Halloween parenting goals.

October 21, 2015

The cutest Oscar

Where's Noah?

Just say world peace

The boy who lived

#NoahsHalloweenCountdown Day 13: Accio Milk! #10PointsforGryffindor

A photo posted by Jessica Chavkin (@jchavkin) on

To what once was

Relatively speaking

Mashed peas anyone?

#NoahsHalloweenCountdown Day 9: Hey good looking what ya got cooking?

A photo posted by Jessica Chavkin (@jchavkin) on


The apple of my eye

Noah plays Noah

A wasabi bath

#NoahsHalloweenCountdown Day 29: Even Noah knows that sushi is delicious #Omakase

A photo posted by Jessica Chavkin (@jchavkin) on

One piece of cake, two apples, three grapes...

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