There's no doubt that parents sacrifice a lot for their children - sleep, a clean house, free time, quiet relaxation and being able to make plans on a whim. But kids are completely worth it.

In this commercial, we see a father and daughter walking together when the little girl hands her dad a handwritten note. It starts out like most loving letters that we, as parents, get from our children. "Daddy is the sweetest daddy in the world." She mentions that he's handsome, smart, clever and kind - her Superman. "Daddy is just great, but..."


"...He lies." Her daddy doesn't have a job or money, though he works hard. He says he isn't tired so he can play with his daughter. He sacrifices and says he's not hungry so she can eat more. She thinks he lies about his happiness. "He lies because of me."

But we see that this father does it all for his daughter, that he has everything because of her. His happiness is because of her. Parents sacrifice for their children, regardless of their circumstances. That selfless love and service creates unbreakable love.

As parents, we sometimes lie to our kids. We must let kids be kids and not have to be confronted with adult problems. Children need to feel safe and protected by us, not worried about finances, relationships or safety.

Parents work hard and give up things they may want for their children. They sacrifice their needs to help their children get good starts in life. It may not be easy or fun, but it is worth it. Children learn the most valuable lessons through the selfless examples of their parents.

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Our selfless and loving examples are the greatest things we can share with our children. Here are more tips on how to raise a selfless child.

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