Six year old, Adurey Nethery, has done a lot of things to raise awareness for Diamond-Blackfan anemia (a bone marrow disorder she suffers from), but none is so adorable as her interpretation of Taylor Swift's, "You Belong With Me."

Audrey and her parents run a Facebook page featuring her singing and dancing to promote awareness of the rare disease. In response to this adorable video, Audrey's fans sent comments of encouragement from around the world.

"This makes anyone automatically happy!!!" Luisa, a fan wrote on Facebook. "Audrey, you're the cutest little girl and the biggest star!!! Me and my little man watch your videos everytime and you make us smile BIG!!! Thank you for putting smiles on others too!! Big kisses from us both."

Watch Audrey dancing in the video below and see how many times she can make you smile.

More Karaoke!!!

Posted by Audrey's DBA Photo Booth on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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