Bruce Van Natta is a Christian family man who loves trucks. Working as a self-employed diesel mechanic, he was able to live out his dream and provide for his wife and four kids.

On November 16, 2006, Bruce was working with another man on a Peterbilt logging truck when his life forever changed.

The truck's front passenger side tire had been removed and the remaining weight was being supported by a 20-ton capacity jack. Bruce laid on his back to inspect the front of the truck. The lower half of his body was under the truck when the jack suddenly slipped out. The 10,000 lb. truck came crushing down on his midsection like a steel guillotine.

Bruce said blood splattered in the back of his throat. He looked down his body and could see that the bottom of the truck's front axle was less than an inch above the ground.

The other man raced to jack the truck off of Bruce's body, while Bruce begged him to pull him out from under the truck. The man didn't want to, because he could tell that Bruce's back was broken, which it was.

Bruce describes the excruciating pain as the most incredible pain you could imagine-pain like nothing else he has ever felt before.

The very next thing Bruce did was call out, "Lord, help me," and then again, "Lord, help me."

The pain left Bruce's body as he became unconscious. Here are his own words describing the miracle that followed:

"My spirit left my body and floated up into the ceiling. And now I-my spirit-is looking down on the accident scene from above. The man I've been working with is on his knees above my body. He's talking. I can hear him talking. He's saying things like, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'"

But on each side of him, also on their knees, were huge angels ... they did not have wings ... they were just very broad-shouldered. Between the two angels and him they took up the whole front of this truck. There was a bright light shining around each one of them ... they looked identical.

"They just had their arms underneath the truck, not holding the truck up, but had their arms angled in toward my body."

"There was no pain-in fact, just peace...words can't describe the peace that I felt while up in the ceiling."

Bruce was now on the verge of life and death with a very important decision to make.

"There were two voices, thoughts in my head. One was, 'Shut your eyes, give up and die and you're just going to go to heaven anyway.' It was very loud. There was another voice in my head, a thought ... much quieter, more of a whisper. And that one said, 'If you want to live, you're going to have to fight and it's going to be a hard fight.'"

Bruce recounts how his spirit then shot back into his body. He was conscious as he was life-flighted to the hospital. Doctors doubted that he would survive the next few hours. His ribs were broken, his spleen and pancreas were crushed, and he had five places where major arteries were severed.

Bruce stayed in the hospital for over two months and survived five major surgeries. Over 75% of his small intestines were destroyed in the accident and had to be removed.

It was thought Bruce wouldn't live for more than a year and that he would starve to death. He dropped from 180 lbs. to 126 lbs., but his family and community continued to earnestly pray for him.

After nine months of surgeries and hospital stays, Bruce was finally able to feed himself. When he returned for medical testing, it was revealed that his ruined intestines had partly grown back to nine feet long. Though he still didn't have the full length of normal intestines, his newly grown intestines worked twice as good as normal.

Looking back, Bruce knows it was those two angels who held him together that saved his life. He and his family saw the Lord provide many more miracles as his organs rejuvenated and grew back.

Today Bruce lives a normal life-though he undoubtedly appreciates it much more than before his accident. He now travels with his family, sharing the amazing miracle of how he was saved by angels and healed by God.

Bruce has also written a book about his life-changing experience titled "Saved by Angels."

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