A playground gang fight? With ... moms?

Unless you've been living as a hermit, you've likely experienced some degree of "mommy war." These mom vs. mom battles happen in person, behind backs, on social media or anywhere else you find well-intentioned mothers.

This commercial pokes fun at the sometimes ridiculous parenting fights moms engage in. It's a beautiful day at the park - that is, until all the various mom groups show up. The stay-at-home moms, working moms, breastfeeding moms, formula-feeding moms, disposable and cloth-diapering moms, and even the stay-at-home dads all show up at the park to judge each other's parenting styles. Some great comic one-liners ensue:

"Oh look. The breast police have arrived."

"Drug-free pool birth. Dolphin assisted."

"Ohhh, disposable diaper. Well, apparently we don't care about the environment."

"I wonder what it's like being a part-time mom."

"Well, I'll show you some scream-free parenting!"

Just as this war of words reaches its breaking point, one mom's stroller starts heading down a hill - fast.

Instantly, the fight stops and all the parents run downhill after the runaway stroller. At last, two of the dads catch the stroller and rescue the baby from danger.

"No matter our beliefs, we are parents first." This message is what it's really all about.

We all want the best for our children and try to be the best parents we can. Leave the judging aside and unite as parents - parents who are doing their best to love and nurture their children. We have different methods of raising our children, but that doesn't mean any of those methods are wrong. There are many ways to responsibly raise kids. We all simply try to do our best.

Whether you have multiple children or one child, whether you work or stay at home, you are doing a good job. And before you judge another mom who parents differently than you do, realize that she, too, is doing a good job.

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