Congratulations for supporting the mom-to-be! You've planned the party, sent out invitations, organized the guest list, and picked out the games, refreshments, and more. Your work is almost completed and finalized! The last item on your "to do" list are shower favors.

The favors can be one of the most fun parts to the shower. They can make the guests squeal, laugh, or even satisfy an afternoon appetite. They also allow for a lot of creativity. To help lighten your load, we have comprised a list of 10 fun and easy favors to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Bun in the Oven

A fresh baked roll with a cute little note attached saying "Thank you! With love from the bun in the oven." Add a variety of little jellies or pads of butter on the sides, and your guests will feel like there is a little something for each of them.

2. Onsies Cookies

Sugar cookies in the shape of onesies decorated with frosting matching the sex of the baby add a sweet way for guests to calm that sweet tooth and can be as a simple or as bright as you want to make them.

3. Polish Perfection

A rising trend is to give away nail polish that matches the baby's gender with a cute little "It's a (blank)!" tag attached. Perfect for smaller budgets and sure to be a used by everyone.

4. Baby Bottles

Fill any toy baby bottles with colored candies and you've got yourself a painfully simple, cute favor to share with your guests. Jelly beans, Runts, or gummy bears all work great and you can even attach a cute "How sweet it is" note for an extra sweet touch.

5. Ready to Pop!

A bag or small bucket filled with popcorn, sweet or salty, makes sure your guests know someone is "ready to pop!" To make it even simpler, wrap cute paper around a bag of microwavable popcorn with a sticker or a bow. You can also use this cute little phrase on a tag attached to Blow Pops (pinks and purples for girls and reds or greens for boys) or a pack of gum.

6. Pampered

Filling small mason jars with spa-like gifts (such as lotions, lip gloss, soaps, scrubs, or polishes) with colors that match the gender of the baby. You can also attach a tag that says "Pampers aren't just for babies."

7. Baby Rattle Cake Pops

Cake pops with a cute straw and a marshmallow or fondant ball on the bottom are such a simple favor; choosing how to decorate these cute "rattles" is the hardest part!

8. Right Frame of Mind

A popular favor to recently emerge at parties consists of a small frame decorated with buttons. Instead of filling it with pictures, it says "Cute as a button" but feel free to fill your frames with pregnancy pictures, ultrasound pictures, or even just a simple "Thank you!"

9. Potted Plants

For a little more elegance, you can give away cute potted plants. Baby's breath is fitting, but any plants or flowers would be just as pretty, or you can wrap seed packets in cute ribbons or paper and place them inside a pot for less mess.

10. Beeswax Lips

Make those lips "as cute as can bee!" by giving away lip balm made from beeswax (Burt's Beeswax is a big brand) or giving away beeswax candles. Adding a little bit of color will be just the right touch!

Tweaking these ideas to your theme or color is the perfect way to add a little something fun to your baby shower. Now, you can check the last item off your list! Congratulations and good luck!

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