Unique names can be a little too strange sometimes. If you want something unusual, but don't want people to cringe when you say your baby's name, these are the perfect options for you.

For girls

A spin on Theresa, this means, "to reap,gather."

A less popular (but just as beautiful) version of Madeline.

This old surname was popular as a boys name in 1800's, but today is more commonly used as a girl name.

This beautiful name that was most popular in the 1920's is making a comeback.

A refreshing new take on the holiday classic, Noel.

Pronounced lee-loo. This comes from Occitan - a language spoken in Provence.

Means "like a star."

An Irish name that means, "white shoulders."

This combination of Lily and Elizabeth is close to Queen Elizabeth's nickname, Lillibet.

A strong name alternative to Olivia.

For boys

Traditionally a surname meaning "son of Morris."

An English name popular during the American revolutionary war period.

Means "strong lord."

This is a perfect name for those who find their peace in nature. Fielding means, "lives in the field."

Pronounced rah-ool

This delightful Irish name means, "pebbly place."

A surname turned first name, this is both a boy and girl name.

An Irish name meaning "freckled."

If you love the nickname Max, this is perfect.

Means "wise protector."

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