These names have 130 years of evidence showing they will never go out of style. Each one has been in the top 1,000 names since the U.S. started tracking baby names over a century ago. Chances are, in 130 years, they'll still be just as classic as they are today.

Means "defending men."

Means noble or bright.

Means "strong and manly."

Means "free man."

Christopher means "bearer of Christ."

In 2014, Daniel was the tenth most popular name and means "God is my judge."

Stephanie Myer must have known the Edward means "wealthy guardian" when she named her rich, over-protective-boyfriend character this popular name.

This German name means "peaceful ruler."

Henry was a long time favorite for royalty, and remains popular today. Various celebrities (like Julia Roberts) named a son Henry as well.

This biblical name is rising in popularity for girls, but is classically a male name that means "supplanter."

A Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious."

This constant classic is still in the top 20 names for boys and means "Jehovah increases."

Lawrence is a latin name surviving from Roman times. It means "from Laurentium," which was a Roman city.

Or Louis. Means "renowned warrior."

A Latin word meaning "warlike."

Rising in popularity for a girls name, this Hebrew word means "who is like God?"

A Greek word meaning "people of victory."

This Latin name means "noble."

A simple name meaning "small."

This classic New Testament name is a Greek word meaning "rock."

Or Philip. Means "lover of horses."

A German name meaning "dominant ruler."

Or Steven. Means "garland."

A Greek word meaning "gift of God."

An Aramaic word that means "twin."

This Latin word means "conqueror."

Vincent, which also means "conqueror", has been a long time favorite for Roman-Catholic families.

In 2014, William was the fith most popular name. It means "resolute protection."

Would you add any to this list?

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