Two mommies shocked thousands when they took a picture standing belly to belly. The photo shares an important message about pregnancy and body image that all moms need to hear.

A photo that's hard to believe

Though both well along in their pregnancies, the two women differed greatly in visual appearance. One mom already had a large, round belly, and the other had a barely-there baby bump. The most astounding part? The two moms were only four weeks apart.

The mom on the left is Chontel Duncan, fitness trainer and soon-to-be first time mommy. Her friend, Nat, posing on the right, is pregnant with her third child. They were both expecting boys and both mom's due dates were in the same month.

When the photo was taken, Duncan was about 21 weeks along and Nat was about 25 weeks along.

Months later, she posts another surprising photo

Many found it hard to believe that the two moms were so close to each other in their pregnancies, but several months later, Duncan posted a new photo that discredited any doubts.

"Two healthy incredible pregnancies and now two healthy baby boys," Duncan in her post.

Though vastly different in size while pregnant, it's clear to see that both moms now have happy, healthy sons who are only a few days apart.

Nat named her son Charlie and Duncan named her son Jeremiah.

Every baby bump is different and beautiful

"Each woman carries different and this most certainly doesn't mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy," Duncan said in her first post. "We both have healthy growing babies & we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing & full of energy."

It's important for all women to remember that every pregnancy looks different, depending on a lot of different factors, from genes to physical activity to the baby itself. For some women, only their belly grows in size while the rest of their body seems unaffected; for others moms, weight gain and swelling in many body parts is an unavoidable part of pregnancy.

All moms vary in their pregnancy experiences, and all expecting moms are beautiful and amazing.

Staying healthy while pregnant

While every mom's body reacts differently to pregnancy, there's a lot of things every woman can do to stay healthy while pregnant.

First off, you can keep to a healthy pregnancy diet and not give into that "I'm eating for two, now" mindset. Of course, don't let yourself go hungry, but don't stuff yourself every meal either. It's better for you and your baby to eat well throughout your whole pregnancy.

Some mommies experiences lots of cravings (some weird, most on the unhealthy side). Let yourself have a treat every once in a while, but don't let yourself splurge every day.

Second, keep up with working out. Of course, it's best to make some changes to your usual exercise routine to keep your baby and yourself safe, but it's completely fine and actually encouraged to work out while pregnant. Follow these 13 rules of safe pregnancy exercise to keep healthy and happy.

No matter what your own pregnancy experience is like, remember that all moms are beyond beautiful and amazing.

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